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IPL Records – Most Sixes in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: MOST SIXES IN IPL HISTORY

Most of the IPL pitches are high scoring for batters. In fact, the batters enjoy hitting the ball out of the stadium. It’s a different kind of a high for batters to cheer up the audience in the stadium and show some action. In a typical IPL match, this view can be seen several times. As the number of overs are less, often cricketers tend to hit the ball with all their strength. Dhoni and Kohli are some of the most popular names that cricket fans are aware of. But you will be surprised to know which players hold the most commendable records in this category.

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Players Name Matches Runs 6s
1. Chris Gayle 142 4965 357
2. AB de Villiers 184 5162 251
3. Rohit Sharma 228 5880 240
4. MS Dhoni 235 4992 230
5. Kieron Pollard 189 3412 223

5. Kieron Pollard (223 Sixes)
Kieron Pollard stands at rank 5 with the most sixes to his name. Pollard scored about 3412 runs in 189 matches. He has a batting average of 11.30. Although he is a lower middle-order batsman, he has given some excellent innings for the team. He is a former West Indies cricket player who later found his way in the IPL. In some series, he even captained the team and that is why his performance is exemplary. He is a seasoned player who loves his batting skill.

4. MS Dhoni (230 Sixes)
MS Dhoni is a legend by name. He is one of the most profound players of the Indian cricket team. His leadership skills and captaincy helped India win a number of tournaments. His role in the Chennai Super Kings team in IPL is also deeply valued. Cricket fans across the globe are well aware of his helicopter shot. He is one player who can help the team win a match solely on his performance. So, it is no shock that Dhoni is in the list of the highest hitters of 6s recorded in IPL history.

3. Rohit Sharma (240 Sixes)
Rohit Sharma is yet another captain of the Indian cricket team. His name in almost every category of batting records will never surprise his fans. He has some exceptional skills with his bat and never fears to show them to the world. IPL has given him the perfect space to shine and bring out the batsman in him. His batting skills have driven the ball outside the stadium or in the lap of the audience several times. He is a true batsman with a right-handed batting style that mesmerizes fans as soon as he walks the field.

2. AB de Villiers (250 Sixes)
AB de Villiers is one of the most popular South African international cricket players who is not only popular for his handsome looks but also for the fire he carries in his eyes on the batting crease. Bowlers are well aware of his skill and fear his unpredictable nature. He has a large number of records to his name and carrying a record of 250 sixes in just 184 matches is truly unmatched. But he does have a long way to go to reach the top of the chart.

1. Chris Gayle (357 Sixes)
The record created by Chris Gayle seems untouchable. The second-highest scorer of sixes is not even close to him. In just 142 matches, Gayle has created a record and history that might never be broken. Chris Gayle is one player that commands respect in even the circles of legendary players. His flow, style, and form has often instilled fear in many bowlers. Many cricket experts often feel that a legend like Chris Gayle might never be reborn.

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