Why Gill and the Indian Team are Slammed with Heavy Fines in WTC Finals?

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WTC Finals: In recent news, shocks were sent to the cricket world when information of the levy of heavy fines on Shubman Gill and the Indian cricket team surfaced. The offences were identified after the final World Test Championship against the Australians was closed. After the Rohit Sharma led team had to face heavy sanctions, things for the team went from bad to worse. The Indian cricket team lost to Australia by 209 runs in the finals. This wasn’t treated as a positive sign by the International Cricket Council. 

The Indian team was fined in its entirety of the WTC final fees because of the slow over rate. The team was expected to bowl more overs than they actually did. The Rohit Sharma team was seen to be guilty of not meeting the target while they could have. Australia was also fined 80% match fees for falling short on the overs that they were expected to ideally bowl. 

As the Indian opener Shubman Gill showed a high amount of disgust on social media with the umpire’s decision in the second innings, he had to face an additional fine of 15 percent. Shubman Gill was deeply annoyed as he got out by Cameron Green and he did not fail to show his disgust. So, Gill had to eventually face a fine of 115% in total. 

The statement further added that, “India’s Shubman Gill will face a sanction for appearing to criticise the decision to give him out on the fourth day of the Test, breaching article 2.7 which relates to public criticism or inappropriate comment in relation to an incident occurring in an international match. The young opener was fined a further 15 percent of his match fee.”

Shubman Gill could not believe that he got out. The delivery of the ball was made by Scott Boland and Green took the catch. Gill and Sharma made an appeal to the third umpire and were very confident that the decision by the on-field umpire was not right. However, the disgust and disbelief on the faces of Gill and Sharma were very evident. The association agreed that the reaction of Gill was a breach of an article. 

Many experts are of the opinion that the Indian media gave an overreaction. The Australians were comfortable with the decision of the umpire. But Rohit Sharma did not fail to share his disgust and disappointment. Sharma even pointed out that there should be more angels covered in the Test Cricket matches as well – just like IPL matches. He further added that the technology is not good enough. The Australians on the other hand said that they agreed with the umpire and trusted his judgement because of his experience level. 

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