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CPL Records: Most Four Wicket Hauls in CPL

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which bowler has recorded the most four wicket hauls in CPL history?

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is one of the most competitive tournaments when compared to all other T20 leagues in the world today. There are certainly some big names who are a part of the different franchise teams in the league today. It makes the matches all the more thrilling to watch. As another CPL T20 tournament is round the corner, the emphasis is being laid on understanding the skills of the different players and their teams. As every skilled individual is set for the opening of the betting season, we bring in cricket betting tips and records that you might find interesting to make the right bets. 

Khelraja is one of the most trusted websites for getting information on cricketers and records. Some records like the most four wicket-haul in CPL are very important to know about the strength of the bowlers of today. The following table showcases the bowlers’ records made for the most four wicket haul made in the CPL season since its start:

Player Matches Wickets Four Wicket
DJ Bravo 89 114 6 Times
Ravi Rampaul 49 66 4 Times
David Wiese 18 23 3 Times
Kieron Pollard 92 56 3 Times
Migael Pretorius 10 16 2 Times
  1. Migael Pretorius (2 Times)

Migael Pretorius has taken a four-wicket haul twice in this T20 tournament during his time in the league. It is very rare for a bowler to be able to take a four-wicket haul and make a name in this category. It takes sheer focus and attention to actually pull this off. Having real bowling skill is definitely a compulsion. This bowler has played only 10 matches and managed to take 16 wickets during his time. He has played on behalf of the Jamaica Tallawahs and helped them win several games in the past. 

  1. Kieron Pollard (3 Times)

At the fourth position in the record for the most four wicket hauls in the CPL tournament are the name of none other than Kieron Pollard. Not only has he proved himself to be a valuable batter for his teams until now, but he has also shown his performance as a bowler. It actually proves that is one of the most eligible all-rounders that any team could have had. Pollard has managed to make four wicket hauls thrice during his time in the CPL tournament. His economy is 7.82 and he has played a total of 92 games until now. The total wickets taken are 56. 

  1. David Wiese (3 Times)

On the third place we have David Wiese who is another important player in the CPL tournament and for the franchise teams. He also managed to take four wicket hauls thrice, just like Kieron Pollard. He is considered to be one of the most successful bowlers that the league has seen until now. Wiese has played for some different CPL teams over the course of his career. However, it only lasted for 6 years. His average has been 21.39. He played 18 matches and took 23 wickets.  

  1. Ravi Rampaul (4 Times)

Between 2014 and 2021, Ravi Rampaul has also made history for himself by taking four wicket hauls 4 times. He has played 49 matches during this time in the CPL tournament and took 66 wickets in total. His best figure was 15/4 and his team was literally overjoyed with this accomplishment. Rampaul has marked a place for himself in the history of CPL. As the record is rare, it is estimated that his name is going to stay here for a long time. He had an economy rate of 8.11.   

  1. DJ Bravo (6 Times)

DJ Bravo takes the first position as the leader of the record for the most four wicket haul taker. He has taken this 6 times and is accounted to be one of the best all-rounders as well. He has not only engraved his name in the category of the batting records in the CPL but also in the bowling records category. He has played 89 matches until now and taken a total of 114 wickets. His best figure was 23/5 which is a victory in itself. Bravo has also exited the CPL and played only until 2021. 

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