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CPL Records and Statistics: Which bowlers have recorded the most runs conceded in an innings in the CPL history?

The precise job of a bowler is to take wickets and ensure that the batters are not able to make many runs during their time on the crease. However, sometimes the bowlers fail in front of batters, especially when the batter is a world class player. Bowlers try their best to use their skills to control the batters to the best of their ability. In some cases, overs have proven to be very expensive to the teams. Some bowlers have given a high number of runs in one particular over. These runs may have caused the team to lose the game itself in some cases. Thus, the job of a bowler is equally important as that of a batter. Additionally, if the fielders are not effective, more runs are added to the kitty of the bowler on the run as well. 

So, what we have is a serious need to analyse the abilities of the bowlers before some good amount of online cricket betting can be done. Khelraja takes it upon itself to inform you about the abilities of the bowlers, batters and the teams so you have the ability to control the amount of money you actually bet on the teams. The following table shares information about the bowlers who have most runs conceded in an innings:

Bowler Overs Runs Team
James Neesham 4 68/0 Trinbago
Raymon Reifer 4 67/2 Tridents
Andre Russell 4 64/0 Tallawahs
Kemar Roach 4 64/0 Tallawahs
Jon-Russ Jaggesar 4 64/1 Patriots
  1. Jon-Russ Jaggesar (64 Runs)

James Neesham holds the fifth position in this category for most runs conceded in an innings. He bowled on behalf of the Patriots team in 2021. He bowled 4 overs as per the limit in one innings and gave 64 runs to the opposition team. He was only able to take one wicket during the innings. His economy rate was 16.00 and he faced the batters of the Trinbago team in this match. Jaggesar was expected to take more wickets and reduce the number of runs but these 4 innings gave him a bad name. 

  1. Kemar Roach (64 Runs)

In 2018, Kemar Roach also gave a huge number of runs in 4 overs that he bowled towards the Trinbago batters. He gave 64 runs in 24 balls and did not even take a wicket. Roach was given a chance to bowl for the maximum number of overs that a player is allowed to and still he was not able to prove his worth on the field. The match was held at the stadium of Port of Spain. The economy rate of Roach dropped considerably to 16.00. 

  1. Andre Russell (64 Runs)

On the third position stands Andre Russell when he bowled 4 overs i.e. 24 balls and gave away 64 runs just like the other two bowlers on the fourth and fifth position. He was also unable to take any wickets. Russell played on behalf of the Tallawahs team against the Zouk. The match was held in 2016 where Russell tried his hand at bowling. Given his performance, it can be bet that the cricket lovers wanted him to go back to batting boundaries and sixes rather than bowling. His economy rate was also 16.00.

  1. Raymon Reifer (67 Runs)

In 2018, another bowler gave most runs conceded in an innings. Raymon Reifer gave 67 runs in 4 overs which is again 24 balls. But, Reifer also took 2 wickets which made his team – Tridents very proud. The match was fought against the Stars and Reifer caused more damage than the wickets he took. It is definitely expected that bowlers would take wickets but not at the cost of so many runs which are critical in the T20 matches. 

  1. James Neesham (68 Runs)

At the top of the league in this category of most runs conceded in an innings, James Neesham stood where he gave 68 runs in the hands of the opposing team. The Trinbago team was not happy with Neesham but could not do anything. Neesham also bowled 4 overs and could not take even one wicket. The runs he gave away definitely made them pay a price and cost them heavily. The economy rate was 17.00 and the Patriots won the game with a huge advantage. 

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