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IPL Records – Highest Strikes Rates



IPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the highest strike rates in the IPL history?

When we talk about the highest strike rates of a batter, we can make many assumptions on the true meaning of the concept. The strike rates mean the capability of a batter to score runs as quickly as possible. Especially in the T20 where the number of balls are less, the batters with the highest strike rates are deemed to be the most successful in assisting their team. It is calculated by checking out the number of runs scored per 100 balls that the batter faces. The higher the strike rates, the more skilled the batter is. Some of the legendary players have carried strike rates that cannot be broken even today. 

Let’s get you to check out the best strike rates of batters in IPL until now. Khelraja has one of the best online sportsbook that assists you in making informed bets and gives you live scores to check out the best odds. Check out the details of the batters with the highest strike rates as follows:

Rank Strike rate Player Teams Runs Balls Faced Period
1 175.42 Andre Russell DD/KKR 2,177 1,241 2012–2023
2 160.68 Sunil Narine KKR 1,038 646 2012–2023
3 156.42 Glenn Maxwell DD/MI/PBKS/RCB 2,581 1,650 2012–2023
4 155.44 Virender Sehwag DD/PBKS 2,728 1,755 2008–2015
5 153.85 Nicholas Pooran PBKS/SRH/LSG 1,157 752 2019–2023
  1. Nicholas Pooran (153.85)

Nichols Pooran is a left-handed West Indies cricketer who has played on behalf of 3 teams in the past. He has taken over the fifth position in this category and has made a total of 1157 runs in his IPL career. He has faced 752 balls to make those runs and carries a strong strike rate that is unbeatable for his position until now. 

  1. Virender Sehwag (155.44)

Virender Sehwag played in the IPL until 2015. But his strike rate is still incomparable. He made 2728 runs on 1755 balls which is a big deal. Even after 8 years, he has a name on the record board for the highest strike rate at the fourth position. He is definitely one of the best that the Indian cricket team and the two IPL teams had until he retired. 

  1. Glenn Maxwell (156.42)

Glenn Maxwell takes on the third position with a strike rate of 156.42. He has made 2581 runs in 1650 balls. Maxwell has successfully played on behalf of four teams until now. His performance has been a boon for all the teams until now and that is the very reason why he has successfully been a part of the IPL tournament for 11 years until now. Maxwell’s performance has also been evident in his previous one-day matches and test cricket tours. 

  1. Sunil Narine (160.68)

At the second position we have Sunil Narine. His strike rate is 160.68. Batters such as him are excellent in their skill. They come on the field just to bat and score good runs. On behalf of KKR, Narine has batted 11 years. He scored 1038 runs in 646 balls. His batting average is great and he has made remarkable progress over time. Narine has literally worked on his skill to a great extent. 

  1. Andre Russell (175.42)

At the number one position, the highest strike rate is that of Andre Russell. The batter proudly carries a strike rate of 175.42. He has made 2177 runs in 1241 balls. He played on behalf of Delhi and Kolkata in the past and showcased his capability to beat the daring bowlers of the different teams. He has literally given his best and carried a good strike rate. With every ball, his purpose is to score the best runs for his teams and get them to victory. 

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