- Most 50+ Scores in IPL History

IPL Records – Most 50+ Scores in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: Which players have scored the Most 50+ Scores?

The IPL is one of the most interesting tournaments when it comes to the T20 leagues. The tournament offers an exciting opportunity for the players to earn a good sum of money for their skills. The bids showcase the value of a player. But how is the value of a player generated? It is definitely based on the performance of the player in the past matches and in the IPL as a whole. Players have to consistently work hard in scoring runs or taking wickets to ensure that they are performing as per the value set and so that they are in demand the next season as well. Being an IPL player definitely means a lot of money, but the players have to work hard to keep themselves in the game as well.

Let’s check out the statistics and records of the batsmen who have scored the most 50+ scores in their IPL career. With this information, you can estimate which players to bet on when you log into your Khelraja account this season. 

Rank 50+ Score Player Teams Innings 100 50 Runs Period
1 63 David Warner DD/SRH 172 4 59 6,211 2009–2023
2 55 Virat Kohli RCB 225 5 50 7,043 2008–2023
3 52 Shikhar Dhawan DD/MI/DC/SRH/PBKS 213 2 50 6,593 2008–2023
4 43 AB de Villiers DD/RCB 170 3 40 5,162 2008-2021
5 42 Rohit Sharma DC/MI 232 1 41 6,063 2008–2023
  1. Rohit Sharma (42 Half Centuries)

Rohit Sharma is the star of the Mumbai Indians team. Although his performance was not that great in the IPL 2023 season; however, under his captaincy, the team performed well and even made it to the playoffs. Sharma is not only a star captain when it comes to the IPL team or the international cricket team but he is also a star batter. He has made an excellent number of runs over the course of his career. Whether it is in the ODI, test cricket or the T20 matches, Sharma has not let his team down. He made 50+ scores in the IPL about 42 times.  

  1. AB de Villiers (43 Half Centuries)

AB de Villiers stands on the fourth position with a record of 50+ scores being recorded about 43 times. He is one of the best batters that the world has seen. He has made a significant contribution to his team and in all forms of cricket. When he is on the field, the audience can literally see for a fact that he enjoys batting and making history with the skill he has. There have been very few instances where Villiers did not perform as per the expectations. When he comes to the field, everyone gets an instinct that he will hit the ball hard. 

  1. Shikhar Dhawan (52 Half Centuries)

Dhawan is another name that always has a place in the top records of the IPL batting category. With 52 50+ scores, he is a proud batsman who leads the team of Punjab Kings in the 2023 season. He has also been a strong part of the Indian International Cricket team and has proven his abilities to the world. Dhawan may not be a very popular cricketer, but his contributions have paved the way for greatness. 

  1. Virat Kohli (55 Half Centuries)

Kohli sits on the number two position in the category of Most 50+ scores in the IPL batting records. It was 55 times when Kohlie made 50+ scores in the IPL matches that he has played. He has played in 225 innings since the IPL started. Total number of 50s made are 50 apart from the centuries that he has completed as well. Kohli is one name that every cricket lover is aware of. His fan following precedes his batting skills also. 

  1. David Warner (63 Half Centuries)

Warner tops the chart of the Most 50+ scores recorded in the IPL. He is a seasoned batsman with a number of records in his name. Warner has played about 172 innings so far in the IPL. He has been a part of 15 IPL seasons and has given his best performances. His team definitely sees him as an integral part when it comes to batting and chasing a tough target. Not only has he become the best batsman in this category, he has also made a mark in other record sections as well. 

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