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IPL Records – Longest Six in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: Longest Six in IPL History

When a legendary batsman walks towards the pitch like MS Dhoni or Chris Gayle, all that anyone can expect are fireworks. Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some exceptional innings by batsmen and bowlers over the years. But some records are mind-boggling. Especially when we talk about the longest six that is hit by a player. So, the IPL gives us some interesting facts while it also inspires other batsmen to exceed the expectations of the audiences. The records make the players competitive and give them something to look forward to.

Khelraja brings to you some of the leading records and statistics that were made by batsmen over time. Let’s grab a quick look at the records made for the longest six ever been hit.

Year Player Name Team Distance (in meters)
1. 2008 Albie Morkel CSK 125
2. 2013 Praveen Kumar KXIP 124
3. 2011 Adam Gilchrist KXIP 122
4. 2010 Robin Uthappa RCB 120
5. 2013 Chris Gayle RCB 119

5. Chris Gayle (119 Meters)
Chris Gayle is about 43 years old, but cricket is the one thing that keeps him going. His main team is the West Indies for international cricket but in IPL, he has played for the KKR. He is a left-handed batsman. Whenever he walks on the ground, everyone expects him to unleash fire and show some real batting skills on the ground. It is always a challenge for a bowler to reduce the runs and take his wicket as soon as possible. His longest six records is that of 119 meters.

4. Robin Uthappa (120 Meters)
Robin Uthappa is our record scorer in this category for the fourth position. His longest six was of 120 meters. He played on behalf of the RCB team when he scored this record that was registered in the history of IPL cricket. Robin’s score was made in 2010. There are other players also with the same record – Yuvraj Singh and Ross Taylor. They have also made a score for the longest six in IPL at the same distance. He has had a distinguished career in the cricket field.

3. Adam Gilchrist (122 Meters)
Adam Gilchrist rests on the third position. In 2011, Gilchrist made his name in the records of IPL by giving an absolutely stunning six for the team – Punjab Kings. It was a little over Uthappa’s score but every meter counts when we are putting down the name of a player in the history of IPL. He rests at 122 meters. With only two other players above him, Gilchrist is proud to give a record breaking Six that cannot be broken that easily.

2. Praveen Kumar (124 Meters)
Praveen Kumar is on the second position for hitting the longest six in the IPL history. He shot the six at 124 meters for his team Punjab Kings in 2013. The records signify the capabilities of the players and give them the perfect way to reflect on their skills. With these records, the batters strive to become better than what they have done in the past and set a benchmark for others. It is yet to be seen on which player takes it on him to beat the record that was set a decade back.

1. Albie Morkel (125 Meters)
Albie Markel is the player with the longest six in IPL and gives every batter something big to follow through. Markel made the shot in 2008 for his IPL team – Chennai Super Kings. At 125 meters the six had reached, making a history that no one has been able to break. Even the biggest of the batters today are unable to give the ball that kind of swing. Even after a decade and more, all batters wish to break this record and scratch their name at the top.

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